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Where Is Hamedan


Hamadan Province, is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. Its center is Hamadan city. The province of Hamadan covers an area of 19,546 km². In the year 1996, Hamadan province had a population of approximately 1.7 million people; according to the National Census held in 2011 the population of the Province was 1758268 people. In 2014 it was placed in Region 4.Other major cities of Hamadan province are: Hamadan, Toyserkan, Nahavand, Malayer, Asad Abad, Bahar, Famenin, Razan and Kabudrahang.

The province lies in an elevated region, with the 'Alvand' mountains, running from the north west to the south west. These are part of the Zagros mountain range of Iran.Hamadan enjoys temperate warm summers and relatively cold winters.

Malayer county has a population of around 310,000 people, Nahavand county has a population of 200,000 people, Hamadan County has a population of 700,000 thousand people, Tooserkan and Asadabad each have a population of around 150,000, Kabutare ahang, Razan, and Bahar each have a population of between 120,000 - 140,000 people.Based on official statistics of 1997, the population of Hamadan county was 563,444 people (with overwhelming majority living in Hamadan city).


Persian language: Spoken by the majority of Hamadan city and county centers, it's Iran's official language.

Azeri language: Most of the people living in the north and western side of Hamadan city are speak Azeri as of their native language. (562 villages of province)

Luri: Most people living in the southern of province in Malayer, Nahavand and Samen (255 villages of province-Luri and Lak) 

Kurdish: Most people living in the west of province. (159 villages of province)

The province has a population of over 1,820,000 million. (As of 2008) The province is divided into 8 Shahrestans (counties), which in turn are divided into 23 Bakhshs (districts) in total. These divisions are shown on the map as well as the center of each county and the neighbor provinces.


The Cultural Heritage of Iran lists 442 sites of historical and cultural significance located in Hamadan, thus making the province a rich one in terms of historical attractions.Some of the most popular sites are:

Tomb of Baba Taher the poet

Ganj Nameh inscriptions of Darius The Great

Tomb of Esther and Mordechai

Ali Sadr (Ardeles) cave

Tomb of Avicenna

Waterfall of Ganjnameh

Stone Lion of Hamedan

Abass Abad jangle(Baugh)

Qorban Building

Alavian Tomb

Eram Park

Hegmatane (Ekbatan) City of 5000 years ago

Imam(pahlavi) Sq

Alvand Mountain

Grand Bazaar of Mozafarieh

Geocoding for Hamedan, Iran:34.7982°N 48.5146°E

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